A 2,000km journey to get my Malaysian Visa

What do you do when you need a visa, but there is no embassy in your country? Well in the case of Malaysia, you need to apply at the Malaysian embassy in the country that is authorised to issue the visa and for Ethiopia that turned out to be the Malaysian embassy in Khartoum, Sudan!

Since sending the application with a post office is not an option for the simple reason that it is not allowed to put cash money in the envelope…! I was left with no other option then to travel to Sudan and personally apply for the visa at the Malaysian embassy. It was Thursday late evening when I figured all of this out.

Friday early morning, my husband, who in the meantime decided that he would join me to Khartoum, and I rushed to the Sudanese embassy to apply for a visa to go to Sudan. Really impressed with the kindness and hospitality, we were received in the office of a Sudanese diplomate and explained him the situation. A few hours later, we left the Sudanese embassy with the visa in our passports.

Monday evening we left with an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Khartoum and Tuesday early morning I handed over my visa application at the Malaysian embassy. Since it would take them 3 working days to complete the process, we had time enough to go an explore Khartoum.

Those 3 days were enough for the city to stole our heart. The kindness of the people, the hospitality and the beauty of the Sudanese culture left a big impression on both of us. And although we left the country a few hours after I received my Malaysian visa on Thursday, we will definitely go back to visit Sudan on another occasion when we have some more time.

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